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Having difficulties explaining your amazing service? Our whiteboard explainer video service can explain your idea, service or product 10x more effectively.

We’ve created over 1500 Whiteboard explainer videos for some amazing brands including:


What Is a Whiteboard Explainer Video?

Basically, the whiteboard explainer video is a video created on a white background. This style of explainer video features the illustrator's hand, drawing images or texts on a white background using a black or colored marker. One of the major benefits of the whiteboard explainer video animation is that, it's used to simplify technical ideas, academic topics and other complex ideas that may be difficult for your audience to understand in an engaging and educational way. This style uses black illustrated characters and objects on a white background. Whiteboard Explainer video is also a preferred explainer video style for the B2C and B2B companies after 2d animation.

Whiteboard Explainer Video Examples

Below are few Whiteboard explainer videos we've have created. Our explainer video adapts to your brand and color preferences.

Benefits of a whiteboard explainer video

Whiteboard video animation is a clear way to describe technical ideas in a clear and educational way. Below are few of the tremendous benefits for using Whiteboard explainer videos in today's competitive business world.

Build Trust & Credibility

Your customers or audience need a person they can trust. The easiest way to earn their trust is to engage with them. And there's no easy way to accomplish that without the help of an explainer video. This is why you need an engaging whiteboard explainer video to show your customer the effort you've taken to explain your ideas to them.

Boost Sales & Conversions

One of the major benefits of using explainer video is its ability to increase conversion rates. Studies show that adding an explainer video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Also, according to Wyzowl, 83% of marketers say video gives them a good ROI.

Higher Retention

They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words..." Ever wonder what worth a video might carry? It has been proven that whiteboard explainer video has a better recall value than any texts and pictures. Using a business video today is a great way to get your messages imprinted in the minds of your potential clients.

Improve SEO Rankings

Google considers User engagement as one of the search ranking factor. Videos placed on your website can increase the overall user engagement. Since viewers spend more time on your website by watching videos, this will help you rank better & consequently drive in more organic traffic to your website.

Reduce Bounce Rate

An explainer video can help reduce to great extent the bounce rate of a website. By adding an explainer video, your visitors will be attracted to click the play button, thereby spending more time on your website as they watch the video and this could lead them to engage more or buy your product.

Pass Information Fast

The Whiteboard explainer video is a fast way to convince a viewer to take action. It can equally be used as a training video for your company. This is because the complicated idea which should've taken over 3000 words article to convince a potential client is compressed in just a 60 seconds engaging video making it easier for your clients to absorb the information and act on it.

Our Whiteboard Video Production Process

Script Writing

Script Writing

After selecting your animation style and providing details about your business or service, our team will create a flawless explainer video script for your video. This process normally takes 1 to 2 days to complete.

Story board


Once the script is approved, we head on to making the story board. Here we use some drawings to represent the actions that will take place in the animation. This process takes 2 days to complete.

Voiceover Recording


Upon approval of the story board, we will proceed to record the voice-over. Depending on the gender, language and accent you need. This process takes 2 to 3 days.



This is the final process, here we animate the characters and other images. We then sync the voice-over to the animation. Once your video is ready, we will send it directly to your email address. This process takes 3 to 4 days to complete.

Our entire process takes only 7-10 days. This is At least 3x faster than what any other company offers.

Where can i use Whiteboard animation videos?

Our unique Whiteboard explainer videos can be used in various areas which include:

Pricing Plan For Whiteboard explainer video

The price for our Whiteboard animation service varies depending on the length of the video you need. Check below for our pricing structure.

30 Seconds

Whiteboard Video
$ 359
  • Concept
  • Script Writing
  • Voice Over
  • Background Music
  • Basic Illustrations
  • 30 Second Duration
  • 7 days Turnaround
  • 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • Unlimited Revision

60 Seconds

Whiteboard Video
$ 659
  • Concept
  • Script Writing
  • Voice Over
  • Background Music
  • Basic Illustrations
  • 60 Second Duration
  • 10 days Turnaround
  • 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • Unlimited Revision

90 Seconds

Whiteboard Video
$ 959
  • Concept
  • Script Writing
  • Voice Over
  • Background Music
  • Basic Illustrations
  • 90 Second Duration
  • 10 days Turnaround
  • 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • Unlimited Revision

Are Whiteboard Videos Effective?

Whiteboard explainer videos are extremely effective when explaining a difficult and technical ideas. They are also effective when creating a step-by-step guide for your audience. Because of its ability to simplify complex ideas into an engaging and educational way, many big companies have adopted the use of whiteboard explainer video in their video marketing strategy.

whiteboard Video production Company FAQ

Making a perfect decision on the right whiteboard video production company to choose from can be quite confusing and difficult. For this reason, we've listed some commonly asked questions from our clients to assist you in your decision making. Also feel free to contact us if you need further clarifications.

Our expertise is in marketing not just video creation. There are lots of options to get a video made but working with us is the best choice to ensure that your video converts.

If ROI is your focus we’re the best bet for you. It doesn’t stop with a video.

On the other hand, finding the right whiteboard video production company that can easily convey your messages or ideas to your audience in the right manner is quite difficult and expensive. Sometimes, these video companies charge thousands to make a simple 60 seconds whiteboard explainer video.

That’s exactly where we come in. At Ideaexplainers, our main goal is to provide our clients with a high quality whiteboard explainer video, that will clearly pass their message or ideas and at a very affordable price.

You don’t have to worry about the process since we handle everything from understanding your message, to creating a flawless script, professional voiceover, storyboard and finally producing a high quality explainer video for you.

We’ve worked with several industries and have created over 1000+ videos for our clients and in over 12+ different languages.

It’s simple. Aside providing 100% fully customized video, we also use large library of pre-made images, scenes, characters and shapes, which allows us tailor a custom video for you using our pre-drawn elements.

This in return enables us to save you money, time and ultimately help you increase your ROI in a shortest possible time.

First, you need to fill out a short questionnaire about your product or service. Upon completion, we will prepare a draft script for you. You’ll be able to provide your feedback about the script, and once it’s approved, we’ll proceed with the voice-over and the animation.

The animation video will be sent to you via your email, you can then review and request revisions.

The entire process typically takes about 7-10 days in total, and you’ll have a contact point throughout the entire process to answer any questions.

The Ideal length for an animated explainer video is 30 seconds – 120 seconds. However the length depends on the purpose of the video. For example, a video that introduces an idea, business or service should take 60 seconds to 90 seconds while a training video should be around 90 seconds and above.

Yes! We’ve completed thousands of videos across all different industries and chances are we already have experience with what you are looking for. However, you can always send us a message if in doubt.

Firstly, you need to contact us for a brief discussion about your business or service. If you already have your script, you can attach it while sending your message. Also send us your logo and website address if available. We will inform you via call or email if we need any thing else.

Sure! Click here, ask your questions, and get prompt answers from us.

Yes of course!

We offer unlimited revision policy! at no extra cost.  We will keep revising the video until you’re happy.

However, please make sure to provide us, in advance, with all the specific requirements you might have.

Do you have any questions?

Our team are always available to answer any questions you may have about your explainer video project. Just send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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