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How to Video Examples


In the vast landscape of online content, how-to videos have emerged as powerful tools for conveying information. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or just dipping your toes into the world of online tutorials, understanding the significance of how-to videos is crucial. These videos bridge the gap between theory and practice, offering a visual guide that enhances the learning experience.

According to Google, “How-to videos earn the most attention of any content category on YouTube, even more than music clips or gaming.” 

In this article, we will list and discuss the top best how-to videos, that are popular, unique, and also make great explainer videos.

 10 Best How-to Video Examples Of All Time.

1. How to Create and Sell Custom T-Shirts (Printify – Print on Demand)

Printify allows you to Create, produce, and deliver products with your design, with no upfront cost, or inventory necessary. With printify, it’s easy to choose from over 250 products customized with your unique design, publish online, and start making money.

This Printify how-to video explains how you can create and sell a custom t-shirt, using Printify. The video combines live action, animation, and screencast style to explain how a user can effectively design and save their own unique custom t-shirt on Printify website.

2. How to Manage Your Time Better

This how-to video stands out by delivering concise yet comprehensive insights into time management without overwhelming viewers. The use of engaging whiteboard animation and clear voiceover narration creates an enjoyable learning experience. 

The tutorial’s brevity ensures that it remains accessible, allowing audiences to grasp fundamental ideas effortlessly. With a focus on simplicity and engagement, this video serves as a stepping stone for viewers to delve deeper into time management skills. 

In essence, it adheres to the principle that effective tutorials are characterized by their brevity, clarity, and visual appeal.

3. How to Poop at a Party

Poopourri’s outstanding how-to video is a hit! Their recent guide on handling bathroom situations has soared to 15 million views, spreading across social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The actress’s portrayal of high society, coupled with candid poop discussions, makes it an effective marketing video.

The script, crafted by the video production team, cleverly injects humor, enhancing the message’s impact. Humor not only boosts message reception but also leaves viewers with a happy, positive impression, ensuring they remember the video’s content.

Best Product Instructional Videos

4. PlayStation VR Setup Tutorial

PlayStation made it easy for its users to understand how to use their PlayStation VR with this 3d animated tutorial video! It goes beyond just opening the box, showing you where to put the camera, how much space you need, and important safety tips. 

The relaxed narration, even though it’s a bit long at over 4 minutes, helps you follow along with ease. Exciting VR adventures pop up in between to keep things fun. 

It’s a thorough guide that makes using VR a breeze, ensuring their users enjoy it every step of the way!

5. How to set up the Zoom Rooms Huddle Kit

Device installation can be a bit tricky especially if you don’t have experience with handy tools. And what’s worse, if you don’t have time to read complicated manuals. 

A good tutorial video can replace dull instructions, making product setup more enjoyable. This Zoom tutorial ensures easy installation with crystal-clear guidance. 

It starts by listing the components needed and then features a woman demonstrating each step in real-time. There is no fancy animation here—just a straightforward live-action video with clear, concise instructions, showing exactly what you need to get the job done efficiently. 

When you have a video like this, happy customers and fewer support requests are the perks of a hassle-free setup!

6. How To Build An Ikea MALM Bed Frame

IKEA is a home furnishings retailer and the world’s largest seller of furniture, with more than 300 stores around the world. This instructional video is aimed at assisting customers on how-to assemble the IKEA Malm bed frame.

This video is made with no voiceover but just background music. However, to avoid boredom, strategic callouts guide viewers, offering tips and naming parts used. This is a clever and unique approach. 

This tutorial simplifies bed frame assembly, keeping the audience on track with a clear and engaging visual narrative. 

7. How to tile a herringbone wall

Oftentimes we are in haste to get tasks done and don’t have hours to spend watching tutorial videos.

That’s the reason why B and Q, made the most simple, quick, informative instructional video on how to tile a herringbone effect wall. This video guide comes with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence.

The video although under 150 seconds quickly showcases the tools needed in angular arrangements, emphasizing the crucial 45-degree angle for cutting tiles. Moving rapidly through each step, it magically transforms a wall in just over two minutes.

Best Tutorial videos

8. How to Grow on Instagram from 0

This tutorial video tips on how-to grow on Instagram from zero to 10,000 by Jade Beason is well received by users who are having difficulties building their Instagram followers. 

This video is perfect for beginners, Jade walks you through each step, making it easy to kickstart your Instagram journey. If you’re new to Instagram marketing or creating content, this video breaks down the process into simple steps, helping you achieve your goals. 

This how-to video is very special as the creator focuses on beginners, and therefore making the video with clear, straightforward steps for them to follow.

9. How to escape quicksand

This video from Insider Tech with over 3.5 million views, shows a guide on how to escape quicksand. The 2-minute how-to video stands out in providing invaluable information using just animation and texts. 

The high-quality 2D animation, with vibrant colors, and charming characters captivate attention. The concise content, is ideal for social media, and can attract a broader audience interested in quicksand related topics. 

The inclusion of the company’s branding enhances brand recognition. Notably, the video’s uniqueness lies in bold captions and large fonts, emphasizing visuals over voiceovers—perfect for clear instructional content that grabs attention.

10. How to cook rice

The “How to Cook Rice video by Spine Apples” uses funny and unique animation to deliver a quick and easy-to-follow rice recipe in just 61 seconds.

The video includes vibrant visuals and a unique animation style that immediately grabs attention. The step-by-step instructions for cooking rice are presented clearly, keeping viewers engaged.

Steps to Make an Exceptional How-To Video

Creating a captivating how-to video might seem like a daunting task, but fear not, it’s an achievable feat. Follow the steps outlined below to ensure the success of your tutorial video:

1. Brainstorming: 

Embark on a brainstorming journey to define the core of your how-to video. Determine the message you want to convey and the best way to articulate it. Utilize tools like a whiteboard, notepads, or digital platforms such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs to jot down your ideas.

2. Craft a Winning Script:

The script is the linchpin of your how-to video. A well-crafted script is instrumental in presenting your content in a way that captures your audience. Study scripts from successful product videos similar to yours to grasp the appropriate tone. Learn from professional companies on how they present their products effectively.

3. Keep it simple:

Simplicity is the key to shareability. Avoid creating content that confuses viewers or makes them feel overwhelmed. Focus on highlighting the core benefits of your product, keeping the narrative straightforward and accessible.

4. Filming or Animation:

Execute your vision by either filming or animating your content. If animation is your route, practice until it feels natural. For filming, prioritize lighting and sound quality. Consider a plain-colored backdrop for ease in post-production editing.

5. Editing:

Editing is where the magic happens. Play with transitions and effects to enhance your video. Leverage your storyboard to align music with each scene. Feel free to experiment, but avoid overdoing it. Remember, it’s simpler to add effects than to remove them.

6. Craft an Engaging Title:

The title is your video’s first impression. Keep it short, compelling, and keyword-rich. Ensure it piques viewers’ curiosity, encouraging them to watch the entire video.

7. Publish:

Once your video is finely edited, share it on platforms like your website, YouTube, or Vimeo. Broadcast it across all relevant channels. Now, sit back and enjoy as your hard work pays off, and others revel in watching your tutorial repeatedly.


Armed with a wealth of ideas for your how-to video, it’s time to translate them into reality. Remember, there’s no need to overwhelm yourself by incorporating every idea. Select one or two concepts that align with your goals and resources.

If you’re working with a limited budget, consider focusing on one idea initially before exploring others. However, keep an open mind and continue brainstorming for future projects. Understand that not every video will turn out as envisioned, and that’s perfectly fine. Learn from each attempt, and the next one will be even better!

Should you require assistance in bringing your business’s video ideas to life, feel free to reach out to us here. We’re here to help you shine in the world of how-to videos.

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